Haven of Hope on Wheels

One Shower,
One Load of Laundry
Dignity & Hope


The What

Mobile Hygiene Program in Butte County!


We will have the capability of providing


for up to
60 people per day /
360 per week /
18,000+ per year!


We will have the capability of providing


for up to
36 loads per day /
216 per week /
11,000+ per year!

The Why

The absence of showers and clean clothes as well as grooming methods is a significant problem for the homeless. It is a key reason that many don’t seek employment, housing assistance, medical care and other services that they are eligible for. When they are dirty and don’t smell great, the homeless are usually shunned by society. Having the chance to be clean, wear clean clothes, and get a simple haircut and shave provides them with a first step towards self-sufficiency.

Haven of Hope on Wheels Mobile shower and laundry program for the homeless is about restoring hope and dignity to those who struggle most in our communities.

When they are clean and well groomed, homeless individuals can seek and hold jobs, make and keep medical appointments, and in general have a higher sense of personal pride, that can make all the difference. A Haven of Hope on Wheels truck/trailer plans to provide shower and laundry facilities five days a week in various clearly designated locations. These locations will be determined in partnership with other service providers as we come alongside what is already being done and expand the hygiene opportunities for our homeless friends.

The How

We have purchased a customized shower and laundry trailer built by a company that specializes in a combination of multiple portable showers with restrooms & a separate laundry room. Our future custom trailers will feature a fully functioning ADA compliant shower & restroom, complete with a ramp and ability to hydraulically lower the trailer for better wheelchair access. Stay tuned for updates on future trailers. If you would like to donate towards the purchase of our trailers simply click on the "get involved" tab for more information.

Our Custom Trailer comes equipped as follows:

Shower & Toilet Rooms

  • Each shower head uses 1-gallon of water per minute
  • Showers provide hot water and are heated by propane
  • Each shower room contains a toilet, a sink and an electric outlet
  • Hand, body and hair soap dispensers are provided in each room


  • Two stacked washer and dryer machines
  • Washer has a 4.2 cubic foot load and uses 12.6 gallons of water per load
  • Dryer has a 7.2 cubic foot load and is heated by propane
  • Laundry cycles are 25 minutes to wash and 35 minutes to dry
  • Laundry pods are biodegradable and will be provided courtesy of Tide

Our Custom Truck for towing the trailer comes equipped as follows

  • 1 ton crew cab with space for five adult staff, including the driver
  • 600 gallon water tank with pump
  • 10,000 watt generator
  • Plenty of storage space for items including a pop up tent for cutting hair

Here’s how it works

  • Showers and laundry are available on a first-come basis. Each person checks in at the Haven of Hope on Wheels table, receives a number, and waits their turn.
  • Each person will have 15 minutes total in the shower stall. Seven of those minutes are a timed, hot shower which can be started when ready.
  • Each person can wash up to 2 sets of clothing only (no shoes, sleeping bags or heavy items)
  • Services are primarily for homeless adults, 18 years and older, but may accommodate families under special circumstances
  • Along with hygiene, the staff of Haven of Hope will also help our friends learn about services that are available to them such as health care, job training and placement, housing and education.