Haven of Hope on Wheels

One Shower,
One Load of Laundry
Dignity & Hope

Everyone has the right to feel fresh and clean

Dignity & hope restored one shower at a time

Clean clothes can change a life

Hope for those struggling with homelessness

Our mission is to offer hope and dignity for the
homeless with a mobile hygiene unit that offers
three simple things we all take for granted:

An opportunity to take a shower,
do a load of laundry and get a haircut.


At Haven of Hope
we have a heart for
those struggling with
homelessness in our

In partnership with other providers who serve the homeless population, we believe that we can help fill in some gaps by providing the basics of hygiene on a regular basis and bring those services right to where people are with our Haven of Hope on Wheels.


By providing showers, grooming and an opportunity for clean clothes we will help our friends struggling with homelessness to find dignity and hope, and remove some of the obstacles that get in the way of them applying for jobs, housing assistance and even medical care.


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